from 23.01 to 26.01 we have been in Munich for the scheduled Bench Test, at this test the rocket is beeing assembled but not started. This is to see if all experiments work nominal in near flight conditions. Day 1 consistet of the assembly of our experiment and quick comm check to see if the basic functions work as expected.

Day 2 was the day of the cold countdown test as it is called. We where assembled and tested with al other experiments and everything was looking good for us, as other experiments had problems we just had to wait because we just had minor problems which either got caught by our redundancies or where so minier that they could be fixed within seconds. Also our beautiful deployment test worked perfectly and we where happy with our experiment and could feel confident for the actual launch.

Day 3 was packing day. We just assembled our experiment and made it ready for spin and balance test in Stockholm. This was the last time we saw our experiment until the launch campaing in kiruna.

All in all for us it was a good test we found minor problems and we are happy that these where found now so we are aware and they will not happen again. Our results where great and the DLR and ZARM where very happy with our experiment.

And here is a very nice summary of the impressive records of the Bench Test. Done by the Viper Rexus Team. Guess where our team leader and our SpaceSeeds shows up in the video.

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