Selection Workshop, a trip to Bonn

Jan 10, 2017 | NEWS, Project Managment

Selection Workshop for REXUS 23/24 and BEXUS 24/25
28. / 29.11.2016

On Sunday, the 27th of November 2016, four of our team members,
Clemens Riegler, Florian Kohmann, Abdurrahman Bilican and me, Ivaylo Angelov,
travelled to Bonn to present our project status in front of DLR, ZARM
and Esrange SSC members, aspiring to be selected for the next stage of the REXUS 23/24 – program.

Arriving at Bonn – Oberkassel at 09:30 p.m., we headed towards the guest house, where we rehearsed the crucial parts of our presentation.

In the early Monday morning (28.11.2016), we went to the DLR Space Administration Centre, not knowing, whether or not our presentation is on the same day, but well prepared and highly motivated.
A short look at the time schedule assured us of the fact, that we would get our chance to
speak in front of the committee on that same day!

Greetings from Bonn the Team has sent to the rest of the team

After being introduced to REXUS/BEXUS, ZARM and Esrange amongst two BEXUS – teams and four other REXUS – teams, the two BEXUS – teams started with their
They were followed by us, the first REXUS – presentation of the Selection Workshop.

We did well and had an interesting and instructive discussion afterwards,
in which we clarified the critical parameters and problems and debated our ideas for keeping these under control.
There has been a favourable reception of our project among the committee and we were elated, proud and, of course, relieved

Being in high spirits, we listened to another very interesting proposal and a lecture about Project and Risk Management. During the coffee breaks we had a few informative discussions.
At the end of a very productive day, we headed back to our guest house.

During the last day of our stay in Bonn, we were introduced to the three remaining
experiment proposals for REXUS, thus hearing some remarkable ideas.
They were followed by presentations about the upcoming SED
(Student Experiment Documentation), the DLR Moraba and System Engineering and requirements, which will accompany us through the whole project runtime.

After another exciting day in Bonn, it was time for us to head back to Würzburg,
taking great impressions and even more positive feelings and motivation with us!

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