Now that we have the first Flight Management System of the Vienna University of Technology (see picture), which will serve as an on-board computer, the work on the software can begin. It is time to define the architecture and requirements of it.

The FMS as OnBoardComputer manages the communication via XBee (up to signal loss) and later via satellite connection. This is essential for the transfer of important data during the flight. Primarily this will be the current GPS position as well as basic system status information. If the data transmission rates allow us to do so later, more detailed information will be transmitted. Is this not possible, it will be necessary to store all measurement data locally.

As a second part of our control concept an Arduino Mega, which will remain as a central control unit on the REXUS rocket, is planned. This Arduino is expected to handle the communication with the REXUS Rocket as well as the communication to the SpaceSeeds with the XBees. This will allow us to send the first information of the deployment status of our wings and some other important information. The information that will be sent to this Arduino from the space seeds also should be saved locally as a backup.

All together there is a lot of work to come. We are only at the beginning of an exciting development process.


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