Short status update

Dez 10, 2017

A long time has passed since the last post here on our website. The last time required all our time and concentration, in addition to the study, every free minute of the entire team was used for the production.

But it was a long way in the last six months. From breadboard models of electronics and 3D printed plastic dummies to manufactured electronics boards as well as carbon fiber and fiberglass parts.

On the left side you can see the ORBC, still hand soldered as a functional model. On the right the finished board.

But as already said it was a long way. Many phone calls, emails, meetings but also sleepless nights were necessary. But gradually the idea and theory slowly but surely became reality. More and more components were specified. A list of requirements for specific components have become concrete production plans and component specification.

From then on, it was time to plan the production, order components and create schedules.

Bit by bit we came closer to the SpaceSeeds. See for yourself:

Production of the Hardware

Gradually, the cuts were ordered or self-produced. Here are some impressions of it.

More pictures can be found in our gallery.

Finally the space seeds are ready

But now it’s time. The SpaceSeeds are almost ready. We too are still speechless when we see them. The dream becomes reality and now that we can hold it in our hands, we begin to realize that it is becoming reality. But see for yourself:

Proud Team Leader

And last but not least, we do not want to deprive you of this photo. For example, when the first parts of the mockup were replaced by flight hardware. Slowly you could get a picture of the space seeds.
Here we see our proud team leader with one of the models in hand:

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