Rotierend wie ein Ahornsamen

Aus diesem Kunststoff-Prototypen haben die Würzburger Studierenden Abdu Bilican, Clemens Riegler und Sarah Menninger (v.l.) vom Daedalus-Team den SpaceSeed entwickelt. (Bild: Universität Würzburg) SpaceSeed: Unter diesem Namen hat ein studentisches Team aus Würzburg...

xBee Range Test

Today the software and telemetry team has performed the range test. Strategic points in the area of Würzburg have been approached, which have a direct visual connection to the university library. The Dummy Seeds, which consist of an Arduino, a Wireless SD Shield as...

Four possible sash profiles

At the moment, our Simulation Team has got almost no free-time left; As soon as we can, we should decide which sash profile we are going to use for our four wings. Therefore, we have to determine how much lift we can possibly get out of each profile, and which...
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