To evaluate the experiment while it is performing and to present some data live, we need an interface to transmit this data to the ground station.

We have primarily decided on an already existing commercial satellite communication network (e.g. GlobalStar or Iridium) to achieve this, as they are used e.g. for fast moving crafts nowadays. The provider would grant us then access to the sent data via web interface.

For reasons of redundancy we will install an additional telemetry module to let our SpaceSeeds communicate with the central Arduino unit, which is connected to the rocket computer which in turn provides another connection to the ground station. Our favorites here are the XBee modules.

At the very Moment we are in discussion, how these XBee modules will be implemented on the mainboard of the onboard computer of the SpaceSeeds, together with one of the sat-com modules. The main interfaces between the computers and the transmitter modules are the UART and SPI.

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