The idea to our project came to our minds in Summer 2016, after listening to a former REXUS/BEXUS Student team from our University. We applied for a seat on REXUS23/24 Rockets, an got a positive response from ESA in December 2016.

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    the “SpaceGlider” as a CAD concept

As we started out our project, at first, we came up with three basic design concepts, each of them with its own pros and cons. Our whole project is based on the idea of descending from the edge of space without using a parachute or any active propellant. So the “SpaceGlider” was the first obvious concept we came up with; a glider, that would descend from almost 100km down to Earth and fly to a designated landing area. The concept design was kept quiet simple, as you can see in the picture, with small wings to gain some lift.
Soon later we came up with two more concept designs that could suit our recommendations with the first one being the “SpaceDrop”. Looking a lot like the “SpaceGlider” but without wings, it was supposed to drop from the edge of Space and steer the downfall with its small winglets on the sides while gathering basic atmospheric data on its way down. But with the small winglets not giving any lift at all, it would really just drop out of space and might become too fast to gather good data of our atmosphere.
the "SpaceDrop" as a CAD concept

   the “SpaceDrop” as a CAD concept

the “SpaceSeed” as a CAD concept

So we designed our third concept, the “SpaceSeed”. Inspired by the maple seed that flies over long distances using its “wings”, the “SpaceSeed” is going to fly with REXUS23 in March 2018. After being ejected by the rocket in high altitude, its wings will unfold which will result in a spinning movement of the spacecraft, providing hopefully enough lift to slow it down just enough to be able to gather good data on its way down to Earth. As we don’t have a lot of requirements for space, we are going to be able to fit three of the “SpaceSeeds” into the REXUS23 Rocket which is giving us an awesome redundancy.
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